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Saturday, June 1, 2013


These days our lives have been marked and measured by a series of milestones in our family:  our oldest son's first novel finally hit the bookstands after a two-year publishing effort, our good friends' son was married, our first grandchild, Joshua Jan Jansma, arrived on April 24th, a second book contract was successfully negotiated for the writer-son, and a college graduation and relocation for our game-designer-son!  So many exciting events have come to fruition after many hard years and months of work (and labor!) on everyone's part! 

Joshua Jan Jansma
Born April 24, 2013
3:43 AM
Unchangeable Spots of Leopards
by Kristopher Jan Jansma
Published March 28, 2013

The Three Musketeers: Kris, Ryan, and Andrew
Ryan & Dontie's Wedding
March 23, 2013
Peobody, MA
Jonathan Jan Jansma
Graduated University of Advancing technology
BA in Game Design
May 17th, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
And in the excited happenings and travels from one place to another for celebrations, two other small but very important calendar events also passed: the one year anniversay of our two containers' arrival at SRQ Yacht Center (April 18th), and the one year date of our remaining lease here in Coconut Grove (Feb. 14th)!  Both of these dates sort of sailed by in a blur, but when we scratched our heads and said to each other, "Do you realize that this time next year we'll be... <on the boat, living on the boat, going up the ICW on the boat, going to the Bahamas on the boat> ?"    In reality, we'll probably still be at a slip at Marina Jack's in Sarasota, but it's fun to dream, and we should be well on our way!

So here is a photo montage of where we're at currently.  When we finally land in one place long enough to craft a more philosophical blog entry, we will, but I know you all want to see what's been happening!

FEBRUARY 22, 2013
This visit mostly entailed approving the bed molds and placement of various hull-side components that were necessary to have installed before the sides and top decks could be permanently attached.  Neil Harvey from Harken visited and helped us to brainstorm options for the deck hardware and eventual rigging setup. Colin Mack from Mack Sails also came by to work on the planned sail inventory and rigging layout.

Bumfuzzle Visits and Approves Progress
Our Kit # and Manufacturing Stamp will disappear
after cockpit seats are glassed over.

Island Beds are completed from Molds

In preparation for the port hull side to be fitted.

Owner's side head cross-section viewed from outside

Neil Harvey from Harken and Dennis discuss
initial layout of deck hardware and rigging options

View of cockpit before back seating
component is installed

On the foredeck with Rian and Colin Mack (not pictured)
Discussing deck hardware and rigging layout

APRIL 11, 2013
It had been almost 7 weeks since our last visit, and we snuck in a glimpse before heading North again for Joshua's due date, since we knew it would then be weeks before we'd be back again.  During this visit, we approved all major interior component placement, and then watched as the hull and top deck pieces were fitted into place.  This officially marked the transition from "kit" to "boat" as, except for the two nose cones, all kit pieces were finally in place.  There was a bit of tension as the gantry crane lazily swung the large pieces into place. Once resting in place, we discovered that the main bulkhead (think structural support), which runs horizontally amidships from the hull on one side through the salon to the hull on the other side, was too short! There was a noticeable gap between the bulkhead and the top decks and hulls!  This bulkhead had been fitted and irrevocably glassed in months before, during the initial construction of the kit, as per the recommendations of Fusion's Andrew Pounder.

In hindsight, and certainly for the next kit build that Mondo undertakes, this should not have been permanently installed until the tops and hulls were fitted.  Clearly this is a defect in the manufacturing process that we will bring to the attention of the company, and perhaps we were too trusting when we moved so quickly ahead at that time.

At this point, that gap will be filled, and then glassed to be sure the structural integrity of the bulkhead is maintained.  Nothing unsurmountable, but the biggest "oops" yet! Good thing we have a careful builder who practices fitting before glassing.

The last time we will see her cross section

Approving and measuring settee for salon
in prep for final design of salon table

Approving sugar scoop and ladder hatch design
Here comes the port side hull
And now the port side top deck moves into place

The ladies supervise

Fitting port side hull

Examining the fit to the foredeck and top deck

Looking out the "window" from the salon,
 hull on, top deck off
MAY 30, 2013
Again almost seven weeks since our last trip, and on this visit, all major pieces have been permanently glassed in.  No more climbing up a ladder into the side of the open hull!  A beautiful set of stairs to the port-side sugar scoop is in place,  and going in is like climbing aboard a real boat!  Our goal of having the boat closed up for the approaching hurrican season had been met, and the last blue tarp can be discarded! We were able to measure the overall length of XYZZY (37' 11", not the advertised 40' in the Fusion 40 name, exactly) and the draft (4', also not the advertised 32" from the marketing materials, which we figured out is for a kit with daggerboards rather than mini-keels).

The interior shelving, closets, cabinets and are being constructed, and much of the discussion on this visit centered around what the layout of closets, drawers, and cabinets would be.  As we agreed on locations for hanging lockers (think clothes closets), drawers vs. cabinets with open shelves, etc. I could finally visualize myself stowing items into their places, getting ready for a passage. 

We also spent some time looking at countertop colors, holding them up against the sample of finished bamboo Rian had prepared for us, trying to anticipate what will make our home look bright and open.

And then the magic words: "It's time to start buying STUFF!"  Really!?  Officially moving into Phase II, we can actually stop window-shopping catalogs and boat show booths, and buy things!  Now THIS is what I was waiting for!  Time to start planning what we can use from our current home, what we need to sell or donate, and what needs to be purchased.  Realistically, the next seven months isn't as long as it sounds to get all that accomplished.

XYZZY with all top and hull pieces attached
It's a BOAT!!

Where we were on May 3rd, 2012
Now, that's progress!!
Josh's room!
Starboard aft cabin
Will also be a workroom and laundry room

View of starboard hull from front guest cabin

Owner's side head and sink cabinet

Debi finally gets to sit on the foredeck
Boys discuss anchor locker uses

Perfect spot for...?

Stairs to get in from sugar scoop!
Darker than we thought
countertop shades to pick
Why do I always pick the class "D" price category? :(
In our next installment, we'll discuss some of the systems and purchase choices we've made, and the reasons why.  Until then we'll be busy helping both sons relocate and avoiding hurricanes.

I never used to miss the chance to climb up on his knee
And listen to the many tales of life upon the sea!
We'd go sailing back on barquentines, we'd talk of things he did.
Tomorrow's just a day away for the Captain and the Kid.
                                                                    ~Jimmy Buffett
Welcome, Josh!

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