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Thank you for sharing in our journey of building a Fusion Catamaran! We are so excited to be able to chronicle our adventure for our family, friends, and supporters, from our initial decision to (hopefully) a successful launch and beyond. Please post your comments, questions, and cautionary tales-we love to hear from you!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Post Launch

We are happy to announce XYZZY has been officially launched!  Work continued on Friday up until the very last minute while the crane set up, preparing to lift her into the water and then started up again soon after.  Both of our sons and their families arrived, along with friends and family from nearby, to watch the big event.

Everything went according to schedule with no major hiccups.  Below are some photos of our big day, to share with all of you who wish us well and were with us from afar.

Lifted from her cradle by the Crane

Swinging to the Water
Up goes the Mast!
Rigging the Mast!
Now add the Boom
It's a Boat!
The Jansma Family Together for the First Time on XYZZY
The next goals are to finish off the many details to get her ready for a debut in St. Pete and to schedule a test sail - still quite a few mini-projects to finish up.  But certainly having her in the water is a huge step!
Ready for an Adventure

Thanks to everyone whose hard work and constant effort have made this possible thus far, and to all the well wishers who are following along!


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